Coronavirus Downing Street: Johnson conditions continue to improve

Coronavirus, “Johnson’s condition continues to improve”

London – The British premier was diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 26, then was hospitalized for persistent cough and fever.

Boris Johnson, under treatment at St. Thomas in London for the coronavirus, “continues to improve”. A spokesman for Downing Street said that the British prime minister spent “a positive night” and is “on the high note”. Johnson, who remains in the ICU, is receiving oxygen but is not being ventilated.

“He is getting better, he can sit down and talk to the medical staff,” they explained. Johnson was diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 26, then taken to hospital on March 26 for persistent cough and fever, he was transferred to ICU on Monday when his condition deteriorated.

Restrictions are also growing in Great Britain to encourage social distancing against the spread of coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a press conference, indicating a change from his line and recommending the stop of all unnecessary travel, work from home “for anyone who can” and the renunciation of public social contacts. “From now on you must avoid pubs, theaters, clubs and other hangouts,” said Prime Minister Tory to the population. But people have anticipated and left all the places deserted.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, to replace Johnson, will chair the emergency committee which will take stock of the lockdown.

Coronavirus: Trump could suspend US funds to WHO

According to the tycoon, WHO delayed the pandemic alarm, hiding what was happening in China to please Beijing.

The United States could suspend US funds directed to the World Health Organization. This was stated by President Donald Trump, who in the last few hours had criticized the WHO for being too “pro-Chinese” and accusing her for having made a mistake in delaying the alarm on the pandemic.

It is a film already seen for Italians that arrives from the United States overwhelmed by the Covid-19 epidemic. The state of New York faces the large number of deaths and that turns into a human and medical drama. To deal with the situation, refrigerated trucks were also used as a temporary “stop” area for the corpses.